Simple Integration With No-Click OCR

The simplest way to integrate VelOCRaptor is simply to drop files on to its icon. If VelOCRaptor isn't running when it receives a file, VelOCRaptor will read the text, write the PDF file into the same folder as the image, and exit. We call this 'No Click OCR' (TM;-) and it is ideal for integrating with other workflows, including scanner programs.

See the screencast to see how to use No Click OCR to integrate with a scanner program.


VelOCRaptor now comes with an Automator action. This accepts image files and converts them to readable PDF. Once you have run VelOCRaptor once it should be found in the PDF section of the Automator library.UserVoice

Invoking VelOCRaptor From The Command-Line

You can use 'No Click OCR' from the command-line with the equivalent of dropping a file - open -a path/to/your/scan.png

Invoking The VelOCRaptor Command-Line Tool

If you understand the Unix command-line, then the core of the app is velocraptor.rb, sitting in SharedSupport inside the bundle.

You can invoke velocraptor.rb with 2 arguments, the first the image, the second the output filename.

       /path/to/your/scan.png /path/to/output.pdf

Note that this interface is subject to change - I'm afraid I can't guarantee to keep it working.

Saving As Text

If supply a file with a .txt extension to the command-line tool, it will write plain text rather than PDF

Again I'm afraid that I don't guarantee to keep this working.

       /path/to/your/scan.png /path/to/textfile.txt


AppleScript is high on our list of features. If it is important to you, please vote for it.