Version 1.2

Build 254 (1.2)

Version 1.2 adds the ability to disable running the Mac spell-checker. If you are running on text that isn't in the same language as your Mac, or is mainly numbers and letter patterns, it should improve the output.

Version 1.1

Build 243

This is a maintenance release fixing a problem where very short words could crash the PDF writing.

Build 242

This is a maintenance release fixing 2 problems

Build 234

This maintenance release improves the PDF rendering so that when you select text from PDFs in Snow Leopard, the wordsaren'truntogether. We now try to match the text height and width by playing with different fonts, sizes and kerning.

Build 229

This is a maintenance release repairing the damage done by build 227 (sigh)

Build 227

This is a maintenance release fixing 2 problems

Build 222


WARNING This is the first release of VelOCRaptor that will remind you if you haven't licensed it.

Basically, cashflow is the way that we can tell if this is a viable business, but we know that unless we're reminded, almost everyone continues to use software without paying for it. If you haven't registered the software, after 7 days it will display a dialog when you run, asking you to register. The 'Postpone' button will give you an additional 7 days, and if you really don't want to pay, you just have to use that every week, forever. Alternatively don't accept this update, and carry on using the current version.


Renamed the preferences file to com.velOCRaptor.VelOCRaptor.plist This will, once only, loose your last browsed folder for open and save, and may result in transient software update prompts.

Build 218 (1.1)

Version 1.1 gives Snow Leopard compatibility, some other bug fixes, and a bonus Automator action.

Build 204

VelOCRaptor now distributes its own (v1.0.0) copy of the RubyCocoa framework. This should fix a problem where an AT&T 3G modem card overrides the Mac OS installed version with an out of date version that breaks VelOCRaptor.

Build 195

Fix a memory leak which causes reading to fail with out of memory errors on large PDF files.

Version 1.0

Build 191 (1.0)

Sooner or later I'm just going to have to bite the bullet, so here it is, VelOCRaptor 1.0 Enjoy.

Build 190 (1.0 Release Candidate 2)

Just in time I found and fixed a bug where the licensing doesn't work on a clean machine!

Build 188 (1.0 Release Candidate 1)

Build 188 is the first release candidate for VelOCRaptor 1.0!


If you buy a licence from the website it will now send you a licence file. We're still offering a licence in exchange for any donation, so now would be a great time take advantage of this offer. The introductory price of the application will be $29


It's not enough, but VelOCRaptor now has some proper help text.

Build 177

Licensing - we now have a licensing menu item, and a nice dialog that shows if the app is licensed, and offers to take you to the web site if not. You can't actually buy a licence yet, but if you could, you could drop the licence file on the app, or open it in Finder, to apply the licence.

Build 174

Build 169

Build 167

Build 166

Build 165

Build 160

Build 159

Build 155